Why Tampa Florida Is Such A Popular Place to Live

Tampa Florida is located in Hillsborough County, Florida. In fact, Tampa is the county seat. The city is located on the western coast of Florida, near the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the 2016 census, the population of Tampa Florida stands at 377,165 people. This is up from the 335,709 number in the census of 2010, making it the largest city in the Tampa Bay area.

The Tampa Bay area is made up of Tampa, Saint Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida.

Over the years the Tampa area has received many accolades. Back in 2004 the Washington Square News (a New York University newspaper) called Tampa a top twenty city for the twenty-something crowd.

Forbes ranked it the number five city in America in the ‘best outdoor cities’ category in 2008.

In 2009 Pew Research Center determined that Tampa was a top city in terms of where people would like to live, managing number five in this as well.

As recently as 2015, Money Magazine called Tampa the best large city to live in the Southeastern United States.

Tampa is just about surrounded by water, being bordered by both the Hillsborough Bay and the Old Tampa Bay.

They merge together to become Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay then flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampa’s main source of water is the Hillsborough River, which flows into the Hillsborough Bay.

The climate of Tampa is mostly hot summers that include a lot of thunderstorms with winters that are mostly mild and dry.

While there are exceptions, the low temperatures range from 52 to 76 degrees with the highs running in the 70 to 90 area.

Those highs in the summer are usually with high humidity levels with frequent thunderstorms. In fact, the thunderstorms are so frequent in Tampa in the summertime that Tampa Bay and the nearby inland areas of Central Florida are considered the “Lightning Capital of North America.”

But this summer weather is countered by usually dry and mild winters where the low temperatures rarely get below fifty degrees, although Tampa does get caught in cold fronts now and then.

Even so, Tampa only averages two days of frost per year, with many years going without a frost at all.

While Tampa Florida does get threatened with many major storms, it’s rare for the area to suffer a direct hit or major negative effects from tropical storms or hurricanes.

Whether it’s the economy, the climate, the arts and entertainment, Tampa has many things to offer, and this is why it finds itself on all kinds of “best of” lists when it comes to cities in America.